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Woman who slipped in vomit paid $45,000 in compensation

Patricia (not the client’s real name) was a 52 year old woman who was injured when she slipped and fell in a pool of vomit that had not been cleaned up in the carpark of a Central Coast Shopping Centre.

Patricia fell heavily onto her left knee and right wrist and jarred her back as she fell.  Although she was shaken and sore at the time she just assumed that she would get better eventually.

For almost two years Patricia didn’t even think of consuling a Lawyer of making a claim for compensation.  Unfortunately for Patricia, her injuries didn’t get better, and, as is so often the case actually deteriorated over time.

Patricia realised that she may need to access medical treatment that she was not in a position to pay for herself and decided to take advantage of the telephone helpline provided by the experienced team at Brazel Moore Compensation Lawyers.  Luckily for Patricia she did so within the three year limitation period from the date of the accident.

Brazel Moore Compensation Lawyers were able to obtain copies of the incident report, and the contract between the shopping centre and the cleaning company that showed that the cleaning company had not kept strictly to the system of cleaning in place.

This was sufficient to get the parties to agree to come to an Information Settlement Conference and to negotiate an out of court settlement that gave Patricia $45,000 in her hand after her legal costs had been paid.  This will provide Patricia with a buffer against any future costs she may incur as a result of her accident.

The law imposes strict duty of care on occupiers of commercial premises.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, give the team at Brazel Moore Compensation Lawyers a call today on (02) 4324 7699 for a relaxed chat to find out where you stand.

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