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Will Disputes - Contesting Wills - Challenging Wills

If you have been left out of a Will, or you would like to know the steps to contesting a Will, you want practical, cost effective advice.

A Brazel Moore Lawyers we have expert Lawyers specializing in Challenging Wills who can talk to you and advise on your chances of successfully contesting a Will. We have over 40 yrs experience in Will Disputes matters In Central Coast. 

We understand how traumatic it can be to lose a loved one and then find you have been unfairly treated under a Will in the division of the Estate.

Our experienced Contest Will Lawyers will step you through the process with compassion.

Are you an eligible person who may be able to contest a Will?

Will Disputes

There are several eligible people who can Challenge a Will. They are

Our dedicated Will Dispute Lawyers can help to decide if you fit into one of the above eligible people.

There are 2 broad types of challenges that may be made against Wills. They are –

What you need to know about Will Disputes /Challenging Will

There is no time limit to challenge an invalid Will;
There is a strict time limit of 12 months to commence Court Proceedings for Challenging Wills (Family Provision Claim).
The steps to contesting a Will can be very complex and you need to know where you stand with clear legal advice from an expert Contest Will

Our experienced team of Challenging Will Lawyers have been helping people of the Central Coast in Will Disputes since 1981. We have the expertise you need.

Will Disputes Issue

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