Successful Pork Chop Compensation Claim – Public Liability!

Successful Pork Chop Compensation Claim – Public Liability!

Public Liability Claim – You may not believe this to be a true story but the story of the pork chop compensation claim is as true as it comes.

A person who was affected by alcohol and was asked to leave licensed premises because he had no shoes on.  He had shortly before won a meat raffle and so to comply (as he saw it) with the direction of the premises, he strapped pork chops to the bottom of his feet.

After doing so, he walked around the floor where a pool table was located and in doing so spread pork chop fat over the floor.  A person playing at the pool table slipped on the fat on the floor and injured himself. That person then took legal proceedings against the licensed premises.

The claim for compensation made included pain and suffering, loss of income, past and future medical expenses and out of pocket expenses.

If you have been injured on the premises of another party, you may have a public liability claim.

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