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Medical Negligence Claim

If you have suffered injury as a result of the negligence of a surgeon, nurse, doctor or other medical practitioner, you may be entitled to make a Medical Negligence Claim.…

If this has happened to you, it can cause not only physical pain but financial and emotional suffering.

Medical Negligence Lawyers Gosford

You may experience loss of income, medical expenses, personal or domestic assistance expenses, rehabilitation and pharmaceutical expenses and you may have even had to make modifications to your home due to your injury.  All of these expenses may be able to be claimed for you by our Medical Negligence Lawyers Gosford.

Medical practitioners and facilities have a duty of care to their patients. Should that medical practitioner or facility fall down on their duty of care, your life can be negatively impacted.

Fortunately, there’s help at hand…

At Brazel Moore Lawyers we have Medical Negligence Lawyers dealing with health care complaints and hospital negligence claims every day. It is what we do and have done on the Central Coast for 40 years.  We act on a NO WIN NO FEE basis so if you don’t get paid then neither do we. We have a wealth of experience in Medical Negligence, Cosmetic Surgery claims, medical malpractice, Dental Negligence, Medical Misdiagnosis, Delayed Diagnosis or treatment, Defective Medical Implants and claims relating to asbestos or chemical exposure.…so you can relax, knowing you’ve left your claim in the right hands. 

As Medical Negligence Lawyers Central Coast we will take the pressure off you and assist you by obtaining all medical evidence required to support your claim, take detailed statements from you and the people who can support your claim regarding the impact on your life, arrange fee funding for your medical reports when required and fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Our Medical Negligence Lawyers and support team will keep you informed of the progress of your matter at all times.

But perhaps the best thing of all is that we will be responsive to you and provide you with the expert legal advice to get you the best outcome of your claim.

To learn how Brazel Moore Lawyers can help you with your Medical Negligence Claim, assist with your health care complaint or medical professional malpractice claim call 4324 7699 for a free assessment of your claim. 

Medical Negligence Lawyers Gosford…..It is what we do and have done on the Central Coast for 40 years.

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