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Revocation of a Will – Estate Planning

Your Will deals with your property and assets after you die.  It is important that you make a Will, understand the effect of the Will, and also understand what revocation of a Will means. Obviously, a Will must be revoked before the Testator dies but there are a...

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Buying a house?….Understand the Legal Jargon!

At Brazel Moore Lawyers we understand that sometimes Legal Jardon can be a little hard to understand and when you are buying a property, you want to know exactly what we are talking about.  So we have produced the list below to help you understand some of the commonly...

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How old should you be to make a Will?

Young people tend to think that they don't need a Will and some don't even think to look to the future.  In fact many take the view that it is such a long way off, why worry about it now?. There are good reasons for having an Estate plan even at a young age.  If you...

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Leaving a gift to your child in your Will

It is most common for people with children, when making a Will, to leave their Estate to their children.  Every person who holds any asset should make a Will. A common clause used in most Wills in relation to this type of gift might read as follows:- "I give the whole...

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