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Claim for Damages for Disappointment and Distress

Consumers who suffer distress and disappointment due to tourism providers and holiday package operators failing to deliver on their contractual promises to supply pleasure and relaxation could soon face more claims following the decision of the Moore v Scenic Tours Pty Ltd [2020] HCA 17 (24 April 2020)

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Consumer Protection Laws

Consumers are protected under the Australian Consumer Law. Consumers who acquire services for personal, domestic or household use, which have a value less than $40,000

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Winning on Appeal

In 2010, 22 year old Luke Brett Moore opened a St George “Complete Freedom” bank account in Goulburn NSW.  It was into this account that

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Brangelina Divorce!

If you read the gossip sites, you will have read all about the separation of Brangelina. The couple separated in September 2015 and Angelina has filed for Divorce.

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How to get a Divorce

Do I have to go to Court? A Divorce Application must be filed in the Federal Circuit Court (a court that deals in family law).  You do not need

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Family Law Agreements

What is a Pre-nuptial Agreement? These Agreements are for people intending to enter into either a marriage or a defacto relationship but the Agreement must

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The Bail Act

Since the Sydney seige on 15 December, 2014 there has been substantial media attention on the Bail Act, 2013 (“the Act”) and amendments that were put

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Child Marriage

Culture and religion both play a big part in how our society sees social institutions such as marriage and families. A recent report of an

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