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Landmark Decision in the Workers Compensation Commission!

A recent landmark decision has been handed down in the Workers Compensation Commission.

A Government employee died of a hear attach whilst at a work related conference.  The Insurer denied liability as it said that the nature of the workers employment did not result in a significantly greater risk of the worker suffering an injury.  The Workers Compensation Commission found that the risk of the deceased dying from a heart attack would have been much less if the person had been at home and received assistance from ambulance officers.  It was held that the employment concerned gave rise to a significantly greater risk of the relevant injury and compensation was awarded.

If a worker suffers a physical or psychological injury as a result of their employment they should obtain legal advice of their rights under the Workers Compensation Law.  In addition to Workers Compensation a worker may have additional rights in relation to a claim for negligence.  Strict time limits do apply in respect of many claims and legal advice should be sought at the earliest possible time.

If you need legal advice in respect of Workers Compensation, call Peter Moore on 02 4324 7699.

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