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If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence you could be entitled to compensation …


but strict time limits apply …

If you have been injured because of some else’s negligence at work; in a motor vehicle accident; on public or private property; or as a result of a criminal act of violence, there will almost always be an entitlement for you to receive compensation.

It is important to remember that people injured in motor vehicle accidents on their way to or from work (a journey injury) can make a workers compensation claim and they may also have a Third Party Motor Vehicle claim…that would entitle them to much more compensation than anything received from the workers compensation insurer.

One client who received a workers compensation payment of $20,000 went on to receive a motor vehicle third party claim payout of $170,000.00. That client was obviously extremely happy to receive the full compensation to which they were rightfully entitled.

Speaking of rightful entitlements, in one recent case our client injured in a motor vehicle accident was offered just $3,000 by the Insurance Company in full settlement of the claim before contacting us asking for our advice on whether or not to accept that offer and sign a Deed of Settlement received from the Insurance Company.

The claim was finally settled for $175,000…reinforcing the lesson to never accept an offer from an Insurance Company without first seeking expert advice.

Strict time limits apply to making claims for compensation…and to make things even more complicated each type of claim has different time limits. It’s important to pick up the phone early to find out exactly where you stand.

You should always get early expert advice from an experienced Compensation Lawyer to make sure you receive all your proper entitlements if you are injured because of someone else’s negligence.

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