What happens on the first Court date in the Family Law System?

What happens on the first Court date in the Family Law System?

If you are unlucky enough to be in the Family Law system, the Court process can be quite daunting.

The first court date usually occurs 6-8 weeks after the documents are filed with the court, unless the Court considers the matter urgent.  The judge does not usually make any orders on that day but can encourage both parties to agree on at least something to get the matter moving forward.  It may be the sale of the family home or some interim parenting arrangements.  It may be a simple list of items to be taken from the home or some money to be released in the short term.

However, your Solicitor will take your instructions and give you advice on those instructions.

In parenting matters the court usually orders you to attend a court counsellor for a child dispute conference and the counsellor will write a report back to the Judge.  Sometimes the children will be interviewed also depending on their age.  Sometimes it can be that day or another day that you have to attend the Court for the interview.

Prior to the first court date it is important to think about what you will agree to on the day.  Take your solicitor’s advice but if you disagree then say so.

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