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A deceased estate refers to the property and assets of a person who has died. This can include real estate, money, personal possessions, and other assets.

A person named as executor in a Will has the responsibility to apply to the Courts for a Grant of Probate and to administer the deceased estate. This involves collecting and managing the deceased’s assets, paying debts and distributing estate assets to beneficiaries. The role can be demanding and complex. That is why you need an experienced Estate Lawyer to assist you.

You can appoint anyone as the Executor of your Will. Most couples appoint each other as the executor of each other’s estate, with their children acting jointly as alternate executors and trustees. If children are too young to act or are not appropriate (for any reason) then third parties must be chosen as the executors or back up executors. Siblings, Family Friends or solicitors are often.

Once your executor appoints a Solicitor, the Solicitor will apply for a grant of probate. Applying for probate is a process involving an application to the Courts to certify the validity of a Will and to confirm the appointment and authority of the executor. Once probate is granted the executor has the power and authority to administer the estate.

The administration of your Estate includes, calling in all of your assets into one pool, paying our any of your debts which remain unpaid and then distributing your assets as you requested in your Will.

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