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If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offence, you need clear, expert advice in relation to your matter.

What’s more you want to know what it will cost to be represented in court. At Brazel Moore Lawyers we provide clear, written confirmation of instructions, a simple cost agreement, and plain English advice. We will manage your matter efficiently and cost effectively, providing you with expert advice and representation sourced from our extensive legal network.

Whether a first offence or more severe criminal matter, you can be assured that Brazel Moore Lawyers will handle all details with professionalism and confidentiality.

We provide legal representation in the Local, District and Supreme courts of New South Wales on the following matters:

Drink Driving Offences
Drug Offences
License Suspensions
Assault Offences
Break and Enters
Traffic Offences
Driving whilst disqualified/unlicensed/suspended
Centrelink Offences
Sexual Assault
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