Changes to NSW road rules that affect L and P plate drivers

Changes to NSW road rules that affect L and P plate drivers

The NSW Government has brought in further amendments to the Road Transport Act, 2013 which means that from 1 December, 2016, P1 and P2 licence holders must not use any function of a mobile phone while driving or riding, or when stationary with the engine running but not parked.  This includes telephone calls on hands-free devices, mobile GPS functions and music apps.

The changes mean that any P1 drivers and riders caught using their mobile phone from 1 December, 2016 will lose four demerit points and will exceed their demerit point threshold and be facing a three month licence suspension.

The government has also announced further changes affecting Learner, P1 and P2 drivers that will come into effect in November, 2017.  These changes will affect how young drivers obtain their learner’s permit and progress to P1 and P2 licence holders.

From November 2017, young drivers will be required to undergo the following additional or varied driving tests:-

  • Hazard perception test required for learners to progress to unsupervised driving;
  • Hazard perception test to be removed for P1 licence holders before progressing to P2 licence;
  • Driver qualification test to be removed for P2 licence holders before progressing to an unrestricted licence; and
  • Extending the time a driver must stay on their P2 Licence by 6 months each time they receive a suspension for unsafe driving behaviour.

The government has announced these changes as part of a campaign to reduce the number of fatal accidents on NSW roads and drivers should be wary of the fines and demerit point losses imposed for breach of the new laws.

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